Ushtaang Productions

From the End of Heaven January 2014

Inspired by the musical and lyrical themes within Gods of Eden's debut album titled "From the End of Heaven," Ushtaang ventured to create this fantastical world bordering on mythology and fiction.

Tarang January 2013

Tarang, Hindi for "wave," is a stereoscopic exploration of the classical Indian dance-form of "Odissi". This multi-award winning piece pushes the bounds of possibilities of digital filmmaking by employing an innovative use of stereoscopic technology to create an expressive 3-dimensional collage of the fluid dance-form.

Stone Voices September 2012

A film about a sculptor's pursuit to crystallize perfect moments within human, emotional relationships in stone and clay. Ushtaang spent four days with the sculptor, Larry Schueckler closely in his studio "Stone Voices" as he worked intimately with his clients and muse. The result is this cinema that captures the innocence and honesty within the artist's thoughts.

WinePoynt August 2012

A two-dimensional animation presenting a smartphone app that simplifies finding the right wine for every occasion. Our team at Ushtaang visualized the provided script thorough character design and animation and created a friendly identity for WinePoynt.

Prey June 2012

A silent film that was made entirely in 48 hours, for the Houston 48 Hour Film contest, presents the story of a man lead astray by his curiosity for the secret life of a strange woman.

Implosion May 2012

Eulogizing the obsolete; this piece presents the beauty in a dying building. Shot on location when the Plaza Hotel of College Station was demolished and the city gathered to celebrate the sight.

Say Goodbye May 2012

Inspired by the City of Bryan Texas, featuring the LaSalle Hotel in the historic downtown area, this short film cinematically explores a debutant's struggle with emotions.

Empyrean May 2011

Empyrean cinematically tells the tale of genesis within a universe where the human body is intertwined with that of plants. The project was featured at SXSW 2012.

About Us

We’re an independent creative group based in Sacramento, California, and we’ll work with you to produce your creative content, including feature films, music videos, marketing media, graphic design, and installation artwork. We focus on strategic production processes, keeping the costs at a minimum, while delivering quality work. We’re driven by artists and strategists and take on challenges that seek quality, clarity, and efficiency. We value an entrepreneurial spirit and a culture of dedication to redefining the limits of technology and art.